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Meteoroids v0.9.0.4.exe
Meteoroids v0.9.0.3.exe
Meteoroids v0.9.0.2.exe
Meteoroids v0.9.0.1.exe


Meteoroids is a retro/arcade style side-scrolling shooter, where the ultimate goal is to rack up as many points as possible while avoiding death. It is punchbunny’s first full-release game. Designed in Gamemaker Studio, Meteoroids may be a simple project, but its addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more!

  • 14 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Minimum 4 MB Available Memory
  • Gamepad Support (designed with XBox controllers in mind)
  • Custom control settings
  • Up to 1080p Scaled


v0.9.1.1 beta
©2017 punchbunny

–Upcoming releases–
To be completed – Game Over music
Add more sound effects to HUD

Added alarm sound to overheat and damage
Fixed a bug that crashes the game when the player dies while the weapon wheel is open
Refined the overheat and power beam bars
Added scroll bars to scrolling menus

Add “Press [fire button] to Start”
Change shoulder buttons in pause menu to keyboard buttons when keyboard activated
Clarified Weapon Select button to Weapon/Option/Wheel Select
Changed “Store” to “Purchase Upgrades”
Changed “Plasma Beam” to “Plasma Blast”
Slowed the speed of large asteroids
Capped amount of large asteroids on screen
Shields cheaper
Shields don’t disappear when hit on respawn
Gave ship more room at top
Tweaked progression of large asteroid
Tweaked enemy spawner to be less negatively chaotic at later levels
Fixed L and R buttons while rebinding keys/buttons
Weapon wheel no longer shows shields as always max
Leaving a menu resets menu position
Added autofire/overheating mechanic
Fixed the entirety of wave 6
Moved Powerbeam/gave it its own button and system
Fixed keyboard control screen
Added scrolling menu system
Added Reset to Default Controls options
Separated smoke creation into individual instances

Fixed Gamemaker Compile framerate error for Win10 NVidia

Added shop purchase confirmation sound
(to be replaced with actual cha-ching)

Added audio to spread beam
Fixed PB error on ship destruction

Fixed key release on ship movement when paused.

–Completed v0.9–
Powerup Sound
Powerups change color when paused
Shields hud vanishes when paused
Sound for shield collision
Plasma beam lvl2 shound not powerful enough
Initials flash too slow

–Completed v0.8–
Reverse initials direction
Create Game Over music
Weapon impact sound annoying
Wave beam impact sound too many times
Menu sound effect (not start)
Gamepad select
Pause sound & music

v0.1-0.7 completed
Build started early 2016
Too many breaks!
Be confident!