Devlog v3 Updates

A lot is going on here at Punchbunny, and although my last post was almost 2 years ago, things have been chugging along. Right now, we’re waiting on the 1.0.9 update to Meteoroids!, which will introduce leaderboards. Before that happens, I have to get my user access approved by Google. It’s an arduous and unnecessarily complicated process, but I believe it’ll be done pretty quickly. The iOS version is currently in review.

We’ve also started a podcast! “What’s On the Pile” is a podcast with Nathan Bezner, Don Wells, Hsien Lee, and Andy Jenner, where we watch or play things from our backlogs that we want to/need to see and haven’t. You can check it out at its official website,

Tangol’s tabletop version is coming along. We’ve just ordered the last of the game pieces for prototyping. Once we have a better idea of costs, we will be starting a Kickstarter to fund the thing. Be on the lookout for that!

Lastly, I want to welcome Kenny Adams to the team. He will be promoting and posting on our social media platforms as our new Social Media Manager. Welcome aboard, Kenny!

Demo Reel

What’s On the Pile Latest Episode