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One year after my first devlog video, I do a second one! I’m going to try to do these more, weekly, going forward. Truth be told, it was fun to make. This week, I walk through some of what Tangol has to offer!

Hi there everyone! This is Punchbunny’s first devlog video diary. Today, we discuss the state of Tangol’s auto-scaling script, PAX East badges, future contests, and Hsien and Nate Play Games. Going to PAX East? Let us know in the comments!

I have made a ton of progress on Meteoroids in the past week. I was sick for almost all of it, so it was slow moving progress, but progress nonetheless. However, with my friend Don in town (one of my oldest friends and collaborator on many a project), I’ve decided to take a bit of a left turn and let Meteoroids percolate for a week or two.

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I’ve been back in full swing for the past few days, to the point where Meteoroids should have a beta release shortly. Hooray! Meteoroids has been an interesting project. Over the past year, my lack of planning for what is, essentially, my first game (I’ve made others, but never released them), has led to a much longer development time that I’d anticipated, in addition to some severe coding headaches. However, I believe I’ve hit a milestone that is allowing for rapid completion: I actually legit love the game now.

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