Weekly Developer Project Updates

  • Devlog v3 Updates

    A lot is going on here at Punchbunny, and although my last post was almost 2 years ago, things have been chugging along. Right now, we’re waiting on the 1.0.9 […]

  • Devlog Diary v2

    One year after my first devlog video, I do a second one! I’m going to try to do these more, weekly, going forward. Truth be told, it was fun to […]

  • Devlog Diary v1

    Hi there everyone! This is Punchbunny’s first devlog video diary. Today, we discuss the state of Tangol’s auto-scaling script, PAX East badges, future contests, and Hsien and Nate Play Games. […]

  • Devlog: a Detour

    I have made a ton of progress on Meteoroids in the past week. I was sick for almost all of it, so it was slow moving progress, but progress nonetheless. […]

  • Meteoroids Devlog #2 – A New Spawner

    I’ve been back in full swing for the past few days, to the point where Meteoroids should have a beta release shortly. Hooray! Meteoroids has been an interesting project. Over […]

  • DevLog #1: I’ve been devving without logging!

    When I first started this endeavor, I promised myself one thing: no half-assing it. I was going to write a dev log weekly, slowly building up an audience. Eventually, I’d […]

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