Remember those arcade games at pizza shops all around the world? Those machines where the amount of content ended at four enemies and a high score? The challenges that didn’t include 852 million bullets raining down. Well, if you got excited just reading that, this is the game for you!

Meteoroids is a simple, retro space shooter where the only point is to survive and rack up as many points as possible. Control your ship by dragging it around the screen, and TAP-TAP-TAP to boost up your weapons to their Ultimate Power Levels!

With 50 levels, you’ll be fighting for your life against a massive asteroid field, worm-like Centapods, and Asteroid Monster mini-bosses. If you manage to make it to level 50 you’ll face up against the Asteroid Monster Mama!

Go for that high score!

Includes ads, with the option to purchase the no-ads version.


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