Altar (2008)

Every single day is the same for Casper Stipend. He wakes up, he goes to work, he cleans a lonely women’s room at the end of a deserted hallway in an indistinct building of sorts. Every day he cleans, and every day he finds the same filth and bizarre objects clogging his one duty; from dolls to bibles, there is nothing this commode won’t chuck at him. As he becomes more unhinged and disconnected from his own societal realities, he finds a connection in the last place he would’ve looked.

“Altar” has enjoyed a very good festival run, winning “Best Short” at the 2008 NYC Horror Film Festival, “Best North Carolina Distinguished Filmmaker” at the 2009 Carolina Film and Video Festival, and “Best Actor (Andrew Jenner)” at the 2009 Charlotte Film Festival.

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