Punchbunny’s Basement – Super Mario Maker

When I was 9 or 10, living in Missoula, MT, I had a friend who had the fastest Packard Bell on the block. On that amazing computer he had a little program where he could make his own Mario levels. They were crude, but amazing. Around the same time, Mario Paint came out. I remember thinking, “If they did this except with Mario levels, it would be the most amazing thing ever.” Well, they did, and the result is Super Mario Maker, a ludicrously simple release that probably has more fun packed into it than the past 10 years of AAA titles.

I’ve been waiting for this release ever since it was announced with a sort of childlike glee. Now that I’ve started playing it, I’ve got to say, it doesn’t disappoint (with the exception of the bizarre way in which you unlock more elements to work with – which I guess makes sense, they’re kind of like promotions to make sure you know what you’re doing first).

This is my Twitch livestream of the first hour of gameplay. Or would it be makeplay? Who cares – either way, it’s a freaking blast.

Demo Reel

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