What is Punchbunny? …do you punch bunnies?

Punchbunny, llc is a one-person-band game development studio run by me, Nathan Bezner. The name Punchbunny comes from an old nickname, coined by my friend Tim Park in my early twenties. I use to attend Anime conventions as an Anime Music Video (AMV) editor. When we’d all get together, we’d partake in a potent alcoholic punch. I would eventually be wearing a pair bunny ears as the night went on, and thus, Punchbunny. I’ve used it as my gamertag and general online identity since around 2002.

Now, I’m a late-thirties ex-corporate designer chasing the dream of becoming a self-sufficient indie game development studio. I have a family and everything! Two wonderful children, a spectacularly supportive wife, one extremely fat cat, and one cute fluffy dog.

I’ve been a gamer my entire life, both videogames and tabletop games. I got my first NES at 6 years old and never looked back. I’d always been interested in making games, and did so at 13 with a little Hypercard game called “The Colony,” 1994, but I never did it professionally. I’ve been a filmmaker, designer, editor, and coder, but never gamedev. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Cut to a year later, I’ve quit my job, and I’m finally releasing my first game, Tangol. I have a lot of other plans for the future, but let’s see how this one does first!

How can I contact you?

If you want to get in touch with me for media inquiries, have questions, or just want to say ‘hi’, please fill out the following form:

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