Let’s Play “Fable: Anniversary” – part 2 (plus: FFX HD)

Whew boy, this one was frustrating. Watch as I continue my replay of Fable in the form of Fable: Anniversary, the buggy, incomplete remaster of the buggy, incomplete classic XBox game.

We have a total of three crashes (one unrecorded) and a total loss of control from the completely screwed targeting system. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but this is exactly why my XBox has collected dust compared to my PS3 for so many years, and why Sony won out for me during the last generation: XBox hardware and software was, by and large, buggy. I’ve been through three 360s in my time. Numerous game crashes. Now, I realize that Fable was always a buggy game, but this just brings up a lot of bad memories.

I may take a break from Fable for a bit due to the  levels of frustration this hit last night. Or, I may give it another shot. I really want to kill some Hobbes.

Either way, after giving up, I decided to give FFX HD a shot, forgetting how much I hated it originally (until you get to the sphere grid, which was always fun to mess around with). So, I recorded that too! And complain almost the entire time! What bullshit!

God, Tidus is such a douche.

Demo Reel

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