A New Middle-earth Game!

Get ready to return to the realm of Middle-earth in order to KILL EVERYTHING. Ho-ly-crap, does this look good.

I was a huge fan of Shadow of Mordor. Not only was it easily my favorite game of 2014, it found its way into a slot on my favorite games of all time list. Judging by this trailer, the sequel doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint. Monolith, the developers behind the F.E.A.R. series, are back with this follow-up. I really have to wonder how they’ll improve on the Nemesis system. I’ll never forget my first real challenge, when a horrible, speedy orc with one eye continuously killed me, until I eventually vanquished him. The AI created a real sense of actual life, it tricked me into hating a digital character like it was a person. If they can improve on that, wow.

We’ll get a glimpse into actual gameplay footage March 8th, I can’t wait!

Demo Reel

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