After almost a year of combing through files and stripping out malicious code, I have finally migrated all of my videogame posts from my other site, The Ramen Stand. Now, I can finally use the URL I bought over a year ago:! Welcome to the site!

I’ve also decided to try something different with punchbunny: I’ve included a message board. Unlike a full forum, a message board is where anyone can post single topics for discussion. As the discussion ends, new topics push the old one away. So, reddit-like. Or, maybe like the Gamefaqs individual game boards, only without a bunch of vitriolic trolls. I hope. Or, maybe it’ll just be me talking to myself, whatever. This is a place for people to discuss whatever they want, but mostly videogames. I mean, you can start a topic about movies, or TV, or whatever, but the primary theme of this site is videogames. You are forewarned!

Another page I’ve moved over from Ramen Stand is my Twitch stream. I haven’t streamed in a really long time, but I hope to get back to it in the coming months. With PAX coming up, I’ve felt the need to really get back out there in the gaming scene, start having some fun again.

So, enjoy the site! I’m still tweaking bits and pieces, but it’s pretty much there. If you feel like it, join the forum, introduce yourself, start a topic. It’ll be fun!

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