Let’s Play Left Behind, part 2

Part two of my Left Behind Let’s Play from The Last of Us: Remastered. Watch as I make some stupid mistakes and chastise myself for doing so, laugh along with the ladies of the mall, and be shocked then appreciative that Naughty Dog included what seems to be a lesbian kiss, something everyone else on the internet apparently already knew about! Good times. I also got the PS4 camera setup so you can actually see my reactions – I’m told that’s a must for a Twitch stream. About halfway through the playthrough I realize that the camera mic might be crappy and start using the PS4 headphone mic. Shocking, I know.

The end of this playthrough is slightly anti-climactic due to Twitch cutting the audio. It mutes right before the kiss, so I’m assuming Twitch thought that lesbians are copywritten.

Demo Reel

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