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Here we go! Chapters 3-8 of my Twitch livestream of Until Dawn. Nobody is dead yet, so I consider that a major bonus. Let’s see if I can get all these kids to survive the horrors of whatever. I’ll try to finish up my playthrough today/later tonight!

Man, I really do have a lot of catching up to do in FFXIV. I spent most of the morning finding level 50 quests that opened a whole bunch of hard mode dungeons. Not that I feel quite ready to deal with those yet (even though I finally have my old HUD set all back up), but it is nice to have it ready to go. I’m still going through old patch quests on my way to the expansion. So, not the most exciting stream today, but it’s a good start to getting back up to where I was! I’m focusing more on my lancer now than my Paladin, mostly because I really enjoy playing a Dragoon, way more than a Paladin. But then again, there are those new classes… thanks to PACT for bringing me back into the fold so I’m not playing catchup all on my own.

Its been far too long since I last streamed. I’ve been keeping my PS4 upstairs, away from the streaming system so I could spend more time with the family, but after moving our TV out of the bedroom, I decided it was time to get back in the basement and start streaming again.

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