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This is what a tech-nerd-gamer’s home theater setup can look like when he/she is not happy with his/her current wiring setup. Hell.

I have a problem. Well, several problems, really, in my ongoing quest to streamline and simplify this whole videogame streaming thing. So, I thought I’d show you, the world, the kinds of trials and tribulations a gamer has to go through in order to achieve the impossible: hooking up multiple consoles with the best (or close to best) visual quality possible while making sure all said consoles are permanently ready to stream. Given the multiple generations of technology and hookups being used, this project has moved from “Wouldn’t this be cool,” to “!@#%.”

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For the past couple of years, I’ve seen many friends in the gaming community take to Twitch. I’ve always been enamored with it, but never went so far as to create my own stream. But I figure, screw it: I play videogames on a daily basis, why not use Twitch while gaming? Like, all the time?

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