Punchbunny’s Basement – The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

I’ve been clearing through my backlog of games and, due to my enjoyment of Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, I decided to play through The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. I was never a big PC gamer, so I missed this one when it initially came out, but I’ve fallen in love with the universe through The Wild Hunt and the Witcher books, so I’m giving it a shot.

Idiosyncrasies of gaming from 2008 aside (i.e. no fast travel, tons of ground to cover, graphics that don’t hold up super well), the game is phenomenal. I’ve already made some bad decisions that have affected the story as a whole, it’s pretty amazing. I like the isometric camera (as opposed to the 3D camera they give you), and the combat system is fun and fast.

After I finish this one, I’ll be giving The Witcher 2 a try, as I missed that one as well.

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