Continuing through the Wasteland in Mad Max

I think I’ve finally gotten everything set back up the way I like it for the stream, so I keep going as I try to clear out some of the camps and scarecrows in Gutgash’s territory in Mad Max.

You know, this game got some awful reviews. I might do a write-up myself at some point, because I don’t think the game is anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be. It’s just incredibly lazy in some of its design choices. They could have, fairly easily, made climbing more of a thing in this game. But either to save time or money (or they couldn’t figure out how to code it properly, which I doubt), Max sees even fences that are below his waistline as an obstacle, but can climb in other marked areas (including spots that are twice his height). This is lazy design. But, the game is still fun, and other than some responsiveness issues during on-foot combat, it’s not broken. It’s just kind of bring here and there, and has the issue of coming out AFTER Shadow of Mordor with the Nemesis system.

I still like it, and I’ll finish it, but who knows if it’ll ever get playtime again.

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