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After a month and a half, I have officially accomplished something I rarely do, and something I have never done with a Bethesda game: I finished Fallout 4 in its entirety, including receiving the platinum trophy. That’ll make my second platinum I’ve ever gotten (right behind one of my favorite games of all time, Shadow of Mordor). I never go for platinums. Having kids makes it difficult to focus on getting those platinums, mostly because you practically need to treat the game as a second job in order to do so. So, when I get a platinum, it really says something. The strange thing is, I have no idea why I went for this one. Out of all the Bethesda backed Fallout games, this was my least favorite. In fact, I’m not even sure I particularly liked the game.

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Here we go! Chapters 3-8 of my Twitch livestream of Until Dawn. Nobody is dead yet, so I consider that a major bonus. Let’s see if I can get all these kids to survive the horrors of whatever. I’ll try to finish up my playthrough today/later tonight!

More catching up with 2 years worth of content in FFXIV as I take on Ramuh for the first time. Not a difficult fight, but he does nab me in a terror hit near the end when I’m trying to collect blue orbs to dispell the thing. At least, I think that’s what I was supposed to do. Either way, the rest of last night’s questing was pretty boring, so I figured I’d just throw up Ramuh here as a highlight. It was fun! I’ve also bumped the resolution down to 720p due to the processor speed of my current desktop system. The streamer in the console gaming room is much nicer, but them’s the breaks. Maybe I’ll upgrade the mobo and processor on the office system someday, but not anytime soon.

Man, I really do have a lot of catching up to do in FFXIV. I spent most of the morning finding level 50 quests that opened a whole bunch of hard mode dungeons. Not that I feel quite ready to deal with those yet (even though I finally have my old HUD set all back up), but it is nice to have it ready to go. I’m still going through old patch quests on my way to the expansion. So, not the most exciting stream today, but it’s a good start to getting back up to where I was! I’m focusing more on my lancer now than my Paladin, mostly because I really enjoy playing a Dragoon, way more than a Paladin. But then again, there are those new classes… thanks to PACT for bringing me back into the fold so I’m not playing catchup all on my own.

After 2 years, I finally went and did it. I signed back up for FFXIV. Ever since Heavensward was released, I’ve been curious as to what sort of changes there might be. And while I haven’t quite gotten into the majority of the changes (I’m mostly playing quest-catch-up now), getting back into the mechanics of combat and questing was like riding a bike. Now, once I feel comfortable with killing stuff, I’ll have to get back to figuring out how to do gathering and crafting again. I got to talk with some old friends at PACT! (the guild I was in when I played in 2013), and generally had a good time, so I’m pretty excited to keep going.

When I was 9 or 10, living in Missoula, MT, I had a friend who had the fastest Packard Bell on the block. On that amazing computer he had a little program where he could make his own Mario levels. They were crude, but amazing. Around the same time, Mario Paint came out. I remember thinking, “If they did this except with Mario levels, it would be the most amazing thing ever.” Well, they did, and the result is Super Mario Maker, a ludicrously simple release that probably has more fun packed into it than the past 10 years of AAA titles.

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