Halloween Streaming – Alien: Isolation, part 3

We continue with the Halloween Survival Horror Stream-fest with Alien: Isolation, part 3! In this episode, I find myself getting deeper into the Sevastopol as the xenomorph has officially tagged me for snacktime.

Some hilarity ensues as Jess scares the crap out of me, flares are thrown with reckless abandon, I experience my first real frustrating moments, and the game officially becomes one of my favorite experiences of the year.

A note on the stream: at some point, the mic audio lagged from the game audio by 1 second, causing the game audio to shift so that it’s a tad off. There is no real way to fix this aside from going in and manually shifting my voice and game sections. Due to the stream being 3 hours long, I’d rather just leave the lag in. I checked the system, and it seems to be just a fluke glitch. It happens.


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