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Here we go! Chapters 3-8 of my Twitch livestream of Until Dawn. Nobody is dead yet, so I consider that a major bonus. Let’s see if I can get all these kids to survive the horrors of whatever. I’ll try to finish up my playthrough today/later tonight!

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Catching up with my Halloween playthrough of The Evil Within! I’ve decided to post both parts 5 and 6 together because I’m a little bit behind in posting these things to the site. And, of course, like a dumbass, I forgot to mute the dashboard during part 5, so you’ll hear a delay echo during gameplay. Sorry about that. It’s fixed in part 6.

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Well, folks, here it is: I finally lose it. If you’ve never seen me become so frustrated with a videogame that I froth at the mouth, now’s your chance. I have some frustrating moments throughout the game, but it isn’t until I hit the level 6 boss that I really fall apart. There is even some controller throwing.

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Okay, now the frustration starts kicking in. Just as I started having fun with the game, we reach a new enemy type that leads to a multitude of deaths and a level of frustration that I thought was only saved for bad NES games. Or even good ones, for that matter. See, that’s the feeling this game gives me: it’s like playing Double Dragon. When it’s good, it’s great. When it’s bad, you SMASH YOUR GODDAMNED COPY OF DOUBLE DRAGON.

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