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  • Nikol – Newsreel Animatic

    Originally produced for an IndieGoGo campaign to make the feature version of Nikol, this animatic was intended to get people excited for the project.

  • Devlog v3 Updates

    A lot is going on here at Punchbunny, and although my last post was almost 2 years ago, things have been chugging along. Right now, we’re waiting on the 1.0.9 […]

  • Devlog Diary v2

    One year after my first devlog video, I do a second one! I’m going to try to do these more, weekly, going forward. Truth be told, it was fun to […]

  • Devlog Diary v1

    Hi there everyone! This is Punchbunny’s first devlog video diary. Today, we discuss the state of Tangol’s auto-scaling script, PAX East badges, future contests, and Hsien and Nate Play Games. […]

  • Devlog: a Detour

    I have made a ton of progress on Meteoroids in the past week. I was sick for almost all of it, so it was slow moving progress, but progress nonetheless. […]

  • Meteoroids Devlog #2 – A New Spawner

    I’ve been back in full swing for the past few days, to the point where Meteoroids should have a beta release shortly. Hooray! Meteoroids has been an interesting project. Over […]

  • DevLog #1: I’ve been devving without logging!

    When I first started this endeavor, I promised myself one thing: no half-assing it. I was going to write a dev log weekly, slowly building up an audience. Eventually, I’d […]

  • PAX East 2017: Postmortem

    After three days of gaming insanity in the city of Boston, I’m finally home. This was my first PAX, and definitely not my last. My feat hurt, my back aches, […]

  • The Building Backlog

    As it currently stands, I have a collection of about 20 or so odd games that I have yet to play or finish. Some aren’t even opened yet. For younger […]

  • Nintendo Switch – First Impressions

    The release of a new Nintendo console has always been a very special time for me. I got my first NES for Christmas in 1986, and it truly changed my […]

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