Halloween Streaming – The Evil Within, part 4

Well, folks, here it is: I finally lose it. If you’ve never seen me become so frustrated with a videogame that I froth at the mouth, now’s your chance. I have some frustrating moments throughout the game, but it isn’t until I hit the level 6 boss that I really fall apart. There is even some controller throwing.

So, obviously, this is part 4 of my Halloween stream of The Evil Within. And to be fair, there are plenty of good things about this game, otherwise I would’ve given up on it. I almost do give up on it with the level 6 boss, who, it seemed, was invincible and had an attack that could not be dodged. I’m guessing I hit another glitch, however, because the system completely crashes at one point, causing me to turn everything off. However, I come back to it, and, without doing anything different from the previous times, take him out with ease. I’m assuming that whatever is coded to trigger his defeat wasn’t triggering, because the boss should never have been that frustrating. This is, without a doubt, Mikami’s buggiest game. I’m beginning to think that devs are contractually obligated to include game-breaking bugs in their games when they partner with Bethesda.

Or maybe, as my friend Eric put it, this is the true Evil Within: the bad code.

Sadly, I-like a total dumbass-forgot to mute the sound on my Twitch dashboard while recording, so there is a ghosting echo. It makes the ranting and raving seem all that more insane, so maybe it’s appropriate. It appears in part 5 as well. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

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