Halloween Streaming – The Evil Within, part 5 and 6

Catching up with my Halloween playthrough of The Evil Within! I’ve decided to post both parts 5 and 6 together because I’m a little bit behind in posting these things to the site. And, of course, like a dumbass, I forgot to mute the dashboard during part 5, so you’ll hear a delay echo during gameplay. Sorry about that. It’s fixed in part 6.

Part 5 sees us entering chapter 7, with a big puzzle, and an interesting boss. After the fit I threw in part 4, it’s a nice change of pace to start enjoying the game again. The frustration level doesn’t quite reach a head like part 4 did, and the trial and error system feels a little more fair. A lot of my deaths are due simply to negligence, or figuring out the best way to handle a situation. Chapter 7, so far, has been my favorite part of the game.

Part 6 sees us starting Chapter 8. It’s exactly 20 minutes in length. It’s shockingly short and nothing happens.

Chapter 9, however, puts us in a mansion, and those old Mikami style survival horror feelings start to tingle. This is the closest I’ve come in years to that old school Resident Evil feel, even if the majority of the mansion is already open. I can’t wait to explore the rest of the mansion! There are a few puzzles to solve, so that’s good – I was starting to feel a serious lack of puzzle solving in the game.

I only play through part 6 for an hour, but rest assured, I’ll be playing a little longer tonight – I really want to get through this mansion!

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